Books Every 20-Something Should Read

by Rachel Baker on July 5, 2014

Even if you aren’t in your 20-somethings anymore, these are books worth reading. I have to say, also, I love the writer’s take on The Great Gatsby – I feel the exact same.

I recently had a discussion with my best friend – a fellow writer who knows the cultural value of a good book – that led me to construct a list of books that I not only loved, but that have provided me with something valuable outside of entertainment. I would argue that in terms of cultural capital, books provide the greatest return on investment; they can be obtained inexpensively and yet what they provide us is worth more than money can ever buy.

*Disclaimer: Notice that The Great Gatsby is nowhere on this list. I am not impressed if you have read it because frankly, I do not find that fact all that impressive. Look, I am not denying that F. Scott Fitzgerald was brilliant nor am I denying the fact that The Great Gatsby deserves to be recognized as a classic piece of American Literature. But somehow, those who hate reading in high school typically respond to the question of how they felt about English class with something along the lines of, “I hated English and reading but the one book I loved was The Great Gatsby.” Now, ask them why they loved it. Crickets, right? My point exactly. How can something be so universally loved yet so universally misunderstood and still remain on the syllabus? Aren’t we fooling ourselves by accepting that we love this novel without ever really understanding the meaning that it is meant to provide?

Here’s the Article:
8 Books Every 20-Something Should Read

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