Bad Luck and Trouble : A Jack Reacher Novel

by OMB Staff on January 3, 2008

by Child, Lee Book Cover
Jack Reacher, ex-Army Special Investigator, has a limited bank account which he closely monitors, but little else. Jack prefers to live this way – no phone, no residence, no car – anonymous.
Then $1030.00 appears in his account, and he realizes a former colleague is using an Army code to request urgent assistance. What follows is a reunion of the special investigators minus members who have been murdered. This reunion is welcomed by each of the members, but it also brings back the days when they worked together – the closeness and the separateness. Soon the old patterns are re-established and they pool their resources and special strengths. Investigating the deaths of their friends, Reacher and his team find corruption, greed, coercion, and government involvement in a murderously twisted scheme. Child has again written a fast knuckle-biting thriller.

– reviewed by Shelia, Morrison Regional, PLCMC
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