Review Policy

Contact and Review Policy

I will accept both traditional print and ebooks for possible review.

Books that have a good chance of being reviewed:
Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction (as long as its primary focus is not some predictable love story), science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, horror (as long as its not zombies or vampires, and there’s a better chance if its a crime horror), and psychological thrillers, some non-fiction and some memoirs.

Books that have a slim chance of being reviewed:

Self-help, Fitness and Chick Lit

It may take up to a month for a book to be reviewed. If I have committed to a book tour, a review will be posted within the month of the tour.

It must be said, if I do not enjoy a book, I will not review it. In my humble opinion, its better to receive no review than a scathing review. However, if I don’t review your book, and you would like feedback on why, I’ll be happy to provide it.

I have never sold books that I receive for review purposes. I either keep them or have shared them with family and friends who may enjoy them.

One last note about the books reviewed on this site:  All reviews on this site are the opinions of the reviewer, based on a careful reading of the work. Books are furnished to reviewers in a variety of ways, including review copies from the publisher, the author, and/or publicists. Other books are borrowed from libraries, received as gifts from friends and family members, and purchased in bookstores, both online and bricks & mortar.  Reviewers stand by their reviews as their own opinion, regardless of the source of the book being reviewed. Any questions about a review or source of a book may be directed to the editor of this site via email.

Authors and Publicists: If you would be interested in having me review a new publication, please contact me at


Rachel Baker publishes , a website dedicated to reviews and commentary on classic and new literature, and works as a freelance editor and reviewer. She has spent the last several years as managing editor and writer for and, a local travel directory in Florida where she resides. She is also the Operations Manager for Untraditional Media Publishing Systems, a company which uses the Internet to empower clients to pursue their dreams, to develop their own voice, and to deliver what they are most passionate about to the widest possible audience.

Rachel has also edited two books over the last few years.

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