Zheng Churan: An Insider’s Guide to Better Eating in Chinese Detention Centers

by Rachel Baker on June 26, 2015

This is a interesting article about a new book, published online this week. The woman is a chinese social worker who was held in a Chinese Detention Center for 37 days.

Of interest to me is the contemplation of the food/recipes designed by the “inmates”. I’ve heard often times in U.S. prisons, the inmates do incredibly creative things with their left over food. I’m fascinated that this happens in prisons all around the world. For people smarter than me, there have got to be some things we can learn about both the prison system and the food they are serving, as well as, the creativity of some of the people being held.

Read More: An Insider’s Guide to Better Eating in Chinese Detention Centers.

When Zheng Churan, one of the “Feminist Five” whose detention in March made international headlines, was taken into custody, one of her greatest fears was about the food.

In “A Foodie’s Guide to Survival in a Detention Center,” published online this week, the 25-year-old social worker and women’s rights advocate describes her distress at being separated from her “chocolate spread, wooden bucket chicken [a Hakka dish], sliced beef in chili oil and salmon” at the Haidian Detention Center in Beijing. She had long dreaded the prospect of incarceration, she writes, because she heard the food was so bad.

The article offers a rare glimpse of the culinary offerings at China’s pretrial detention centers and the creative uses to which inmates put leftovers and the occasional, possibly smuggled, treat.

Ms. Zheng, who was detained ahead of a planned campaign against sexual harassment on public transport and released on bail after 37 days, said it was admiration for her fellow inmates’ creativity and the recent detentions of two friends that prompted her to write about life and food inside a Chinese detention center.

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