Your Book Blurb is Your Greatest Marketing Tool

by Rachel Baker on May 20, 2014

One of my biggest pet peeves is when the book blurb doesn’t really reflect what the book is about – and this happens a lot!

So, here’s an article for authors about how to use your book blurb to your benefit.

Your book blurb is a salesperson. The “book description” area of your online sales page (commonly called a blurb) must sell your book for you. In an online store, there’s no knowledgeable store clerk ready to offer a verbal book recommendation to browsing customers. If you’re self-publishing a novel, you need a book description that works hard to sell your book.

Create a mood –
First, the book description has to create a mood. Readers want to slip into a feeling when they dip into a book. That feeling could be suspense, romance, humor, nostalgia. When you begin to write your description, don’t worry about outlining the plot step by step. First, think about the atmosphere you’ve built in your book.

Create drama –
A story with no drama is a story no one needs. Readers desire to be hooked into a situation that seems impossible to escape from, impossible to reach, or off-balance in some way. Again, before you go into a synopsis, bring out the tension that your characters are grappling with. Describe the drama and your audience will be drawn into making a real discovery, finding out whether your character will reach that sought-after goal, or experiencing something vicariously.

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