YA Book Trends to Look for in 2015

by Rachel Baker on October 19, 2014

In case you are interested in what you can look forward to next year by way of the Young Adult genre, here’s a good look at possible trends and a roundup of books under each trend to help you be a trendsetter, rather than a trend follower.

Great job by Lisa Parkin from Read.Breathe.Relax for getting ahead of the curve on this.

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Tired of dystopia? Over the “sick lit” craze? Ready for a new wave of vampire books?

If you answered yes to these questions (I was just kidding about that last one), then you’ll be happy to know that young adult fiction has some new topics and trends coming atcha in 2015!

As a YA book blogger, it’s my job (minus the getting paid part) to tell you that the next big book themes of the year will be…

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