Why Call of Duty: Ghosts has female soldiers in multiplayer

by Rachel Baker on August 24, 2013

Disclaimer: This particular article has nothing to do with books. I just thought it was interesting.

There’s an article on Polygon.com bringing attention to the fact that there’s a female soldier at the end of the Call of Duty: Ghost multiplayer mode.

Offering male and female gender options to Call of Duty: Ghosts players in the game’s Create-A-Soldier mode was a product of the game’s focus on character customization. But it was also a product of Activision and Infinity Ward looking to give the diverse Call of Duty fan base an equally diverse set of character traits. It was not, Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin said, an attempt just to try to draw in more people.


As a female gamer, I’m happy about this. As a woman who was in the military, I’m even happier about the acknowledgement of the reality to the demographics of today’s military is.

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