Why Big Publishers Think Genre Fiction Like Sci-Fi Is the Future of E-Books

by Rachel Baker on August 16, 2013

There’s an interesting article over on Wired.com about the predominant genres in ebook publishing.  I found this article very interesting because lately I’ve been getting a bit frustrated with the books featured on Amazon Kindle’s Store.  In fact, today’s feature is the Weekday Brides Series, then you have the Wedding Romance Books and Top-Rated Science Fiction after the requisite Kindle Select 25, and the Best Sellers.

One of the biggest success stories in U.S. publishing in recent years has been the continued growth of digital book publishing. Last year, total revenue for e-book sales in the United States reached $3.04 billion, a 44.2% increase on 2011’s numbers and a figure all the more impressive when you realize that growth is additive to the print publishing industry. Even more surprising, publishers have focused much of their attention on genres like sci-fi, fantasy, mystery and romance fiction – markets that have traditionally lagged behind “literary fiction” in terms of sales.


There are multiple theories for the genre dominance in digital publishing, including the appeal of anonymity offered by e-reader devices, which don’t display the cover of a potentially embarrassing book for all the world to see.

Yup…I have long thought this was the case for so many badly written romance novels in the Amazon Kindle Store.

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