What Will Happen to Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Final Unpublished Manuscript?

by Rachel Baker on April 23, 2014

Here’s an interesting story about what happens to unpublished manuscripts when the author passes away.

When he died last week, legendary author Gabriel Garcia Marquez apparently left behind the unpublished manuscript of a long-anticipated work. That novel, tentatively titled En Agosto Nos Vemos or We’ll See Each Other in August, was left unpublished during his lifetime, only because the author chose not to have it printed. With Garcia Marquez’s death, his surviving family will have to decide what to do with the work.

The question of whether an unpublished manuscript — left intentionally or unintentionally — ever sees the light of day is a fraught one for the families of legendary authors. When they do emerge, the works often meet mixed responses, despite the best intentions of the author’s admirers. That’s because sometimes, those stories are left unpublished for a reason. Last fall, J.D. Salinger’s unpublished manuscripts leaked online, meeting a mixed reception. Scholars still argue over whether the last pages of Edgar Allen Poe’s final story are lost or unfinished. Philip K. Dick’s wife wrote a novel with the same title as the famous sci fi author’s unfinished work, The Owl in Daylight, enraging many of Dick’s fans.

Here is the article:

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