What age do writers publish their most famous works?

by Rachel Baker on January 16, 2015

I love information like this. As an avid reader, I have read multiple books by individual authors; and I am actually pretty fond of reading a recent and then an older book by the same author. I like to see where they were and where they are now.

The link below shows a pretty cool infograph with authors’ ages when their most famous work was published.

Read more: INFOGRAPHIC: What age do writers publish their most famous works?

Writers often worry about not publishing earlier enough. Our culture fetishes youth, even in literature. We talk about 5 under 35 and 20 under 40, but not the geniuses flowered later in life. Luckily for us, Blinkbox Books has created this awesome interactive infographic that takes a look at the careers of famous authors. The results show a surprising range for debut novels, from Jack Kerouac at 21 to Richard Adams at 53.

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