Wear Your Favorite Literary Classics With These Book Brooches

by Rachel Baker on March 25, 2014

These are AMAZING! I’ve seen things like this done with mod podge, cookie cutters and book pages to make paperweights, but the brooch idea is AWESOME!

While I think you can certainly buy them, I think you could probably make a knock off of your own.

If ever you wanted a raven-shaped brooch made from pages of The Raven, now is the time to put a hat on your head, and then hold onto it.

One of the scariest aspects of a future without physical books is the idea of walking into apartments completely devoid of shelves teeming with paperbacks and hardcovers. Seeing a person’s favorite books has always been a quick way to discover some common literary ground, and also feel out this person’s interests. Thankfully, there is a line of jewelry that telegraphs a person’s taste in letters, without getting anywhere near book jacket dust.

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