The Oscars for Bibliophiles

by Rachel Baker on January 25, 2015

So, thank goodness for Josh Corman who gives more of a shit than I do about the Oscars (February 22, 2015, for those of you also interested) and which book adaptations have been nominated for awards. Mr. Corman is a regular contributor over at Book Riot.

Buy the Book: A Bookish Breakdown of the 2015 Oscars

Before the Academy of Motion Pictures releases its Oscar nominations every year, I tell myself that the voters are a bunch of stodgy, out-of-touch old white men more invested in the politics of it all than the art of film. If true, all of that means that I shouldn’t care about the nominations at all, right?

Umm, yeah, about that. It’s not working out so well for me, actually. I care an unreasonable amount. It can’t be helped.

One thing that draws me back in to the whole Oscars-related conversation every year is the unavoidable overlap between the Academy Awards and the world of books.

To wit: three of the 2015 Best Picture nominees are adaptations of works previously published, one (Boyhood) was supposed to be a novel instead of a film, and another (Birdman) takes heavy inspiration from American short story master Raymond Carver. As it happens, there were also a couple of interesting snubs involving major adaptations. We’ll get to that.

First, the three adaptations up for Best Picture:

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