The Navy just announced an e-reader designed for life on a submarine

by Rachel Baker on May 9, 2014

As a veteran of the US Navy, who served on a ship for several years, I can appreciate the greatness of this news! Though this is specifically for submarine sailors, individual living space is limited for any shipboard sailor. So, having something like this that is small and can hold 300 books goes a long way to increasing the morale.

The Navy doesn’t allow iPads on submarines; they’re too dangerous. Spies could use the camera to record inside, and cell signals could betray its location when it surfaces. Similar precautions apply to Kindles and other e-readers. If a service member wants to read, he needs to go to the miniature onboard library and check out a book.

That’s about to change. The Navy’s General Library Program just announced the NeRD, or Navy eReader Device. It’s an an E Ink tablet that resembles a Kindle, except it has no internet capability, no removable storage, and no way to add or delete content.

“What would be considered limiting [for] the technology is actually perfecting the device for its designated audience,” says Findaway World, which built the e-reader. Findaway is also the US military’s exclusive supplier of audiobooks.

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