The Journey

by Rachel Baker on November 8, 2010

I am in the process of reading King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard.  So far, I’m enjoying it immensely (I’m at 31% completion).  As so often happens when I’m reading I find a passage I want to share.  This little segment of “Think about it takes place when the Zulu, Umbopa is giving warning to Quartermain and Sir Henry about how far the journey is going to be.

“There is no journey upon this earth that a man may not make if he sets his heart to it.  There is nothing, Umbopa, that he cannot do, there is no mountains he may not climb, there is no deserts he cannot cross, save a mountain and a desert of which you are spared the knowledge, if love leads him and he holds his life in his hands counting it as nothing, ready to keep it or lose it….”

~ Sir Henry’s reply to Umbopa’s initial assertion.

“Listen, what is life? It is a feather, it is the seed of grass, blown hither and thither, sometimes multiplying itself and dying in the act, sometimes carried away into the heavens.  But if that seed be good and heavy it may perchance travel a little way on the road it wills.  It is well to try and journey one’s road and to fight with the air.  Man must die.  At the worst he can die a little sooner.”

~ Umbopa’s reply to Sir Henry’s response.

just think about it ….

PS.  If you haven’t read King Solomon’s Mines, I highly recommend it.  It was written in 1885, is very easy to read, and it is the first English fictional adventure novel set in Africa.

P.P.S. The link at the top is for the free Kindle Edition of the book. The link at the bottom is for the Oxford World’s Classic edition.

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