The Death of Edgar Allan Poe

by Rachel Baker on October 7, 2013

Originally published in History Today Volume: 49 Issue: 10 1999, here’s an interesting article about the last days of Edgar Allen Poe’s life, written by Richard Cavendish.

No one knows what happened to him until he was found in an Irish tavern named Gunners Hall on October 3rd, stupefied with drink and wearing badly fitting trousers, a soiled and crumpled shirt, a dirty hat and an expression of vacant stupidity. It looked as if he had sold his own clothes to buy drink. He was taken to the Washington Medical College hospital in a carriage and arrived at five o’clock in the afternoon in a stupor. By the early morning hours, he was delirious, pale and sweating profusely, and talking incessantly to imaginary things on the walls of the room. He seems to have remained in this state until three in the morning of October 7th, a Sunday, when he appeared to relax, said quietly ‘Lord, help my poor soul’, and died. He was buried with little ado in Baltimore’s Presbyterian Cemetery.

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