The Bugs of Literature: A Flow Chart

by Rachel Baker on May 10, 2014

Who knew there were so many bugs in literature!

Got some favorite creepy-crawlers in literature? Can you think of even one? I didn’t think I could until I read The Bees by Laline Paull, a new novel which takes place entirely inside a bee-hive. Protagonist? Bee. Villain? Bees, wasps, spiders. Supporting cast? Also bees, with some fruit flies thrown in for good measure. It’s a feat of world-building, without a doubt, and it got me reminiscing about other trips I’ve taken into the insect world in literature. And as I fell down the inevitable rabbit hole of research, I found more bugs than I could keep track of — many of whom are well worth meeting, some of whom might send you running the other way. If you’re looking to add some more legs, wings, and exoskeletons to your reading experience, I’m delighted to present The Bugs of Literature: A Flow Chart. Choose your path wisely!

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