The Book Cover That Judges You Back

by Rachel Baker on February 3, 2015

I think this is stunning. Like the author below, I’m not sure how this would benefit an author, but its a neat idea and I suspect there’s a use for a book that will recognize your face and facial expressions.

There’s a link in the article to a video that shows the book cover in action.

Read the Article: The book that judges you by your cover

We all know not to judge books by their covers, don’t we? After all, just look what happened to poor old The Bell Jar a few years back (although I love these dumbed-down classics , especially The Brothers Karamazov with its “three boys, one girl, one BIG choice!” tagline).

Here, then, for those who persist, is the ultimate solution: the cover that judges you back. Thijs Biersteker of digital entrepreneurs Moore has created a book jacket that will open only when a reader shows no judgment. An integrated camera and facial recognition system scans the reader’s face, only unlocking the book – in the prototype, filled with creative work for the Art Directors Club Netherlands annual – when their expression is neutral.

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