The Best Literature Should be Triggering

by Rachel Baker on May 18, 2015

This is an interesting article about the idea of putting trigger warnings on literature, specifically in this case, Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” due to the sexual assault and rape depictions in both, Persephone and Daphne.

I actually think this is an important article to consider because once we start putting trigger warnings on literature, its a whole lot easier to slide down the path of book banning in our school systems.

Here’s the inspiration:Life Is “Triggering.” The Best Literature Should Be, Too.

Sadly, the decline in free speech at American universities, and the proliferation of ludicrous “trigger warning” mandates for books and courses, are topics covered largely by the right-wing media, so often I must hold my nose as I examine their sources. But even a right-wing venue can get stuff right, as Legal Insurrection does on the latest bit of nonsense from American campuses: a request from students at Columbia University (a great school, by the way) to put trigger warnings on the work of Roman poet Ovid.

In an op-ed in the Columbia student newspaper The Spectator, four student members of Columbia’s Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board (MAAB) declare that “Our identities matter in Core classrooms.” A “core” curriculum, of course, is a slate of courses all students are required to take, usually comprising humanities courses designed to expose people to great thinking, writing, and a diversity of opinions that will inspire discussion. But, according to the MAAB students, one course had some inimical effects on a student:

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