The Best Ghost Stories

by Rachel Baker on October 27, 2014

Here is a great list of ghost stories for your reading pleasure this week. Some of these are short stories, some are novellas and some are just so long you won’t finish it by Halloween. (I’m talking to you, The Shining).

I’ve read probably half the list and enjoyed the time spent immensely. I will say, if you haven’t read Shirley Jackson – you simply must start now. Read The Haunting of Hill House and then, just for shits and giggles, find a copy of The Lottery – terrifying, both.

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Lauren Oliver, best known for her Delirium series, makes her adult debut with the stand-out Rooms, a creepy ghost story and domestic family drama rolled into one. Just in time for Halloween, Oliver picked 10 of her favorite ghost stories.

I love a good ghost story. It’s not just about being frightened–great ghost stories exist right on the border of real and imagined, possible and perceived, fiction and experience. They play on one of the most fundamental questions we, as humans, ask ourselves–what happens next?–and use for their narrative arsenal the simplest tools: creaks and moans, shadows flitting on the walls, inexplicable sounds. The books on this list, arranged in no particular order, range from the psychologically complex to the patently terrifying, and all are worth a read.

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