The Best Apps for Developing the Ability to Process Information

by Rachel Baker on March 29, 2014

I found this article on, titled: The Best Apps for Sherlock Holmes-like Reading Skills. On the surface, I think the article is fascinating (enough so that I’m linking it below), and I think there are some good apps.

All that said, I’m not really sure any of these apps truly increase my reading skills. I tend to believe there’s a difference between processing information and processing an idea. Anyone can spew information, but not everyone can process and translate an idea. Being able to process information doesn’t always translate into understanding; and while “knowledge is power”, I’m not sure knowledge without understand is power at all.

I “process” over 1,000 blog posts each day, I “review” three non-fiction books per week, and I “absorb” two non-fiction works per month. Unless I had nothing else to do in my day but sit and read, most of this would not be possible but for some shortcuts and a few choice apps to help me along the way. Here’s how I get it all done.

There are two parts to implementing new ideas: coming up with the idea or the ideation phase, and then the execution. Taking on new information is very similar. It’s one thing to simply read and expose yourself to new knowledge, but to really make it stick you need to relate to it, discuss it, act on it, or simply share it.

Read the article:

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