Stop Making Excuses and Finish That Book

by Rachel Baker on November 7, 2014

I thought this was a pretty good argument for finishing a book you picked up. I recognize that some people will think differently, and that’s okay – to each his/her own.

I find I may not finish a book at the same time I started first reading it. In fact, I pick several books a week, and then put them down the following week. Because reading is a personal thing, I sometimes feel I’m just not in the right place for the book I started reading. I will put it down and try again some other time – maybe a few months down the road, maybe a year. I feel like I owe that to the author. Its not his or her fault that I am having a bad week or month. If we are honest, we all have them, and we all pick up books we shouldn’t during those times.

Anyway, here’s the article. Enjoy.

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I finish every single novel I start. If I happen upon the first line of a 1,000-page novel, I of course don’t feel compelled to read to the end. But as a matter of personal policy, when I decide I’m going to read a novel, I read the whole thing.

I’ve gathered over the years that my persistence—or stubbornness, depending on your point of view—is unusual. Most people I encounter think nothing of dropping a novel halfway because they find it boring or because they can see where it’s going or because they forgot it on the subway and moved on to the next thing.

This behavior, common though it may be, seems lazy to me. Wrong, even. Once you start a book, you should finish it.

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