Stephen King: Dark Tower Connections

by Rachel Baker on November 6, 2014

If you haven’t read The Dark Tower Series, you definitely should. And then, you should go back and read all the books and stories with connections to The Dark Tower series. And then, do another reading of the The Dark Tower.

I know, I know…that’s an incredible amount of reading. Yes it is, but…if you are going to understand everything, it really is the best way to go about it. Once you read the series all the way through, you will understand things in other books that may not really make sense until all the lines had been drawn across the beams.

Can you cheat and read all the connect books first and then the Dark Tower – of course. And truly, that’s what a whole lot of people since the 1970s had to do; but why would you want to? The stories are a helluva lot richer when you understand that each of the stories was an arch to the final (or if there’s more books added later – almost final) product. It would be like reading Doctor Sleep without having read The Shining. Sure, its a good book, but it has a richer and fuller story line when you understand the main character is the creepy kid from The Shining, all grown up.

Of course, you could just make a complete study of Stephen King’s genius and work your way through The Library, which will give you every thing written or made for movies or the TV, including poems, essays and interviews.

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