Silkworm Not Top 25 Bestseller

by Rachel Baker on June 25, 2014

So, yet again, J.K. Rowling is dodging the question about whether or not she’s an author who should be considered for more than just the Harry Potter books.

Her first non-potter book hadn’t been out very long before she was outed for using the pen name Robert Galbraith. Then, if I’m not mistaken, the sales skyrocketed. And that ladies and gentlemen, is what a publicity stunt looks like. And even if it wasn’t one, and the way the outing happened was completely beyond reproach by Rowling and/or her publishing company or PR company, it still looks like someone thought there should have been a hail-mary to increase sales.

Now, as long as you take out the amazon kindle sales numbers, she is in the top 25 with her Silkwork. Frankly, I’d like to see how many number of sales are from the Kindle platform users. Nearly a third is a pretty big number, but I’d still like a specific. And, I’d like to see a comparison of other books that way, where a third of all buyers are taken out just to make an author’s book look better.

I know I sound harsh here; and I’m fine with that; but I think its time to face some facts.

J.K. Rowling wrote some great stories with the Harry Potter series. And if the stories are true that her inspiration for writing the series were her own kids, then that’s about one of the best motivations I can think of…and it explains why they were so good.

That said, writing anything after that and using a pseudonym seems like you only want to see if it was harry potter or J.K. Rowling that the fans liked. Ms. Rowling, you’ve accomplished more than most writers accomplish in their lifetime. You published a whole huge series, on basically, your first time out. Anything after Harry Potter is gravy; and if you can’t sell them without tossing around the Rowling name to help the sales, then you only look greedy.

In truth, I’ve never read the Robert Galbraith books, I have read all the J.K. Rowling books and I loved them. Anyone who has read the Galbraith books whom I respect have said they are just alright. I get it, though, I really do. Once you have been defined, you probably want to write something under another name. That said, once your pen name has been discovered and you are only on the first or second book, change the name, keep it a mystery. Otherwise, you are still using the original name as the marketing tool for the new books. And… you look desperate, which isn’t very attractive.

The Silkworm, J.K. Rowling’s latest book under pen name Robert Galbraith, came out last week. It doesn’t appear on the list below because it was not in the top-25 best-sellers across all ebook retailers. It clocked in at No. 30 on our list.

However, if we filter out Amazon Kindle and just look at ebook best-sellers across the other platforms, representing nearly a third of all ebook sales, then The Silkworm would have ranked at No. 6.

The Silkworm wasn’t available for purchase as an ebook at Amazon until the middle of the morning on the day of its release, Thursday the 19th of June. Not enabling pre-orders certainly affected the title’s ebook sales.

There’s no way to know what might have occurred had Amazon and Hachette not been in a trade dispute and the retailer did more to push the ebook, but the disparity between sales for a No. 30 best-seller and a No. 6 best-seller should give us some indication that Amazon can powerfully effect the trajectory of best-selling ebooks.

Here’s the Article:
John Green, Penguin Random House Solidify Hold on Best-Seller List; ‘The Silkworm’ Absent

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