Schlesinger Library Acquires Papers of Susan Griffin and Ruth Rosen

by Rachel Baker on June 22, 2015

I feel like this article belongs here at Old Musty Books because these papers provide a basis for a new documentary She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, about the post-WWII women’s movement. Further, within these papers have snippets of reviews on the books and poems these women wrote over the course of this time period.

These papers and records, as a whole, tell a story – and I love the types of stories that are written from different perspectives, and when it comes to historical movements, the richness and fullness of a story told from multiple perspectives is a must.

Read More: Library Acquires Papers of Susan Griffin and Ruth Rosen.

Within the first few minutes of the terrific new documentary She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, produced and directed by Mary Dore, it becomes clear why the Schlesinger Library is thanked in the credits at the end. Inspiring, powerful, funny, and poignant, the film captures the birth of the post–World War II women’s movement in the 1960s and moves through the early 1970s and the emergence of more-radical factions of women’s liberation.

It’s a story that can be told only with the help of papers and records of women and organizations at the Schlesinger. Footage and stills of Betty Friedan, Flo Kennedy, and Ellen Willis and recollections and analyses by Susan Brownmiller, Marilyn Webb, and the National Organization for Women officers Mary Jean Collins and Muriel Fox—all movement leaders whose papers are here—enhance the film from start to finish.

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