Rolling Stone wants you to know there are at least 50 graphic novels without Super Heroes

by Rachel Baker on May 11, 2014

If you have some time to kill and you are into graphic novels, then Rolling Stone has a pretty decent slide show of 50 graphic novels without superheroes.

Now, the caveat here is: I’m not a graphic novel expert, and I dislike ‘lists’…so I’m not completely sure the caliber of this grouping and I’m sure there are graphic novels people will think should and should not be on this list.

But, go, waste some time, you have my permission.

Summer has become the de facto season of the superhero movies, and while some of us still love a good guy-in-a-cape-fights-for-truth-justice-etc. comic book, some counterprogramming is in order. Here are 50 outstanding comics — graphic novels of literary fiction, journalism, sci-fi, fantasy, the works — that do not contain superheroes whatsoever.

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