Responsible Reviewing

by Rachel Baker on November 6, 2013

Just a quick note about reviewing responsibly:

Mrs. Bezos’ review of The Everything Store, the book about her husband and his company, should not really be taken seriously. She’s the CEOs wife for god’s sake and it doesn’t matter what she says about the book or any and all facts or non-facts. This is like my mom reviewing anything I wrote – there would be no credibility there – she’s my mom. Or its like me reviewing a book I edited – of course I’d give it a good review, I edited it; and my review would mean NOTHING.

MacKenzie Bezos is married to Jeff Bezos, who happens to be the CEO of Amazon and the subject of a book, along with the company he built; and they’ve been married 20 years.

She may have had a bit more credit if she didn’t give it a one star review, and further, the last time she put up a review was in 2001, and there were only 2. This just makes it look like she’s pissed about something and feeling as if she needs to defend her husband. This is truly admirable if that’s the case, but the review still shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Mrs. Bezos  truly should realize, as the wife of Amazon CEO, a one star rating is more of a “I’m pissed about something in or about your book and I don’t care what you really have to say in it” than a intellectually well thought out review ranking.

Are there problems with the book – of course there are – if Bezos isn’t really available then anything about Bezos specifically is mostly conjecture – BUT, frankly, its not a one star problem.

Below is an article link – there are further links to the reviews and what not.

A day after MacKenzie Bezos, the wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, blasted a new book about her husband and his company in a one-star review on, Amazon’s first employee, Shel Kaphan, has published a four-star review of Brad Stone’s “The Everything Store,” in which he recommends the book and criticizes MacKenzie Bezos’s take. (Kaphan confirmed to me that he is the reviewer.)

In it, Kaphan said he wasn’t planning to review Stone’s work, but decided to after reading the negative review by MacKenzie Bezos and mixed reviews by current Amazon exec Jonathan Leblang and former Amazon exec Rick Dalzell, which are now the first three reviews readers see when they visit the landing page for Stone’s book.

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