Poetry is like Poop

by Rachel Baker on March 27, 2014

Sarah Kay is a Poet who uses spoken word poetry to entertain, educate and encourage people to engage in self-expression. She just recently had her second book of poetry, No Matter the Wreckage, published this month.

Three years ago, she spoke at the TED Conference. Five million views have been given to her performance on the TED website and at the conference she received double standing ovations.

At fastcompany.com there are five things she offers up as a way to make writing a part of your every day.

Poetry is like pooping. That’s the analogy Kay uses when people try to put poetry on a pedestal or become intimidated by the process of writing.

“If there’s a poem inside of you, it needs to come out,” she says. “I want people to think of poetry as more human, less sacred.”

Kay says that there isn’t a right or wrong way to write, and there isn’t a correct amount of time it should take. Writers need to worry less about how they should be writing and just focus on getting the words out, she says.

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