Philip Pullman Has Written a New His Dark Materials Short Story

by Rachel Baker on December 26, 2014

I think about the His New Dark Materials books a lot – they are one of my favorite stories, and yet I never ever recommend them, really. For some reason, I think reading them was a personal thing for me, and maybe I don’t want to share that with anyone. If I recommend them and the person hates them or didn’t get the same thing I did out of them, then I might never want to talk to that person again. Does anyone else feel this way about books, sometimes?

Anyway, there’s a new His Dark Materials short story out. At the link, there’s a video.


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Author Philip Pullman has written a new His Dark Materials short story. “The Collectors” explores the past of the antagonist, Mrs. Coulter.

The Guardian reports that this project marks “Pullman’s first return to the universe of Lyra Belacqua, the heroine of his acclaimed trilogy, since he published the prequel novella Once Upon a Time in the North six years ago.”

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