One Dollar will Get You Access to Marvel’s Online Cache

by Rachel Baker on July 23, 2014

For the next week, if you are a big Marvel Unlimited comics fan, you will be able to get access to their whole online cache of 15,000 comics that range the classics to stuff that was published six months ago.

With the doors almost ready to open for Comic-Con International in San Diego, Marvel Comics is opening the floodgates to their massive online comics archive, Marvel Unlimited—for only 99 cents. For the next week, a dollar will buy you a month of total access to Marvel’s online cache of over 15,000 comics, which range from books that hit the stands six months ago to the Golden and Silver Age classics of yesteryear.

Basically this means that if you’re a comics fan—current, lapsed, or simply curious to learn more about these spandex superstars from the movies—you could easily spend the rest of the summer consuming one of the largest comics collections in existence for the price of a cheap cup of coffee.

While most are simply digital versions of printed issues, Marvel Unlimited access also offers some more experimental content designed specifically for the digital format, like Marvel’s Infinite Comics, which are designed exclusively to be read on screens, and behind-the-scenes video content for select comics like Jonathan Hickman’s The Avengers. The six-issue Captain America: The Winter Soldier storyline, which helped inspire the recent blockbuster film, also includes adaptive audio that changes as you swipe through the panels and pages.

You Can Now Pay 99 Cents to Read 15,000 Marvel Comics Online

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