New Project to Digitize 10,000 Sci-Fi Zines

by Rachel Baker on November 18, 2014

I bet this would be an incredibly cool project to work on. First off, the history in this collection must be amazing. Secondly, can you imagine the sense of accomplishment one would get knowing they brought the accessibility of all these fanzines to millions of people; in essence, giving the zines new life with a new audience?

too cool!

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New Project to Digitize 10,000 Sci-Fi Zines.

The collection was acquired by the library in 2012 following the death of Hevelin in 2011. A lifelong sci-fi fan, Hevelin hitchhiked in 1941 to his first science fiction convention and was immersed in the culture, collecting fanzines, creating his own, and helping to organize conventions. Fanzines like the Futurian War Digest from the 1940s made in Leeds, England, and The Phantagraph published in the 1930s and 40s in New York were DIY materials imagined for a growing sci-fi community and often distributed by hand. They also provided an accessible platform for writers including Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, and Arthur C. Clark who would go from fanzines to the icons of the genre. As Curator of Science Fiction and Popular Culture Collections Peter Balestrieri explains in the announcement: “Some of the earliest works by these writers can be found in Rusty’s collection of fanzines, along with important writing from all of the major fans who created this new form of popular culture.”

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