Kareem's Guide to Understanding Women

by Rachel Baker on April 18, 2014

The subtitle of this is: Through the work of six great female novelists. The author of this article is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who is a regular contributer on Esquire.

I do not always think articles like this are worth sharing, because they seem/are gender specific…but…the books he chose to highlight and his take on them are equally interesting.

A deeper flaw in the question “what do women want?” is the assumption that all women are alike and want the same things. While that’s clearly not the case, making certain generalities is a helpful way to at least begin to explore the issue. When going hiking in an unexplored wilderness, even a hand-drawn map on the back of a greasy napkin is better than nothing at all.

So: If men want to know what women want, the first step is to ask the actual women involved in their lives. It seems obvious, but it’s a lot rarer than you’d think. The next step is to read some of the most talented, brilliant, and revealing fiction writers in America. These contemporary writers delve into the hearts and minds of women so we can better (though never fully) understand their actions, thoughts, motivations, and needs. So, read these writers and you’ll know women—and yourselves—better.

Here is the article:

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