Judy Blume is Getting a Makeover!

by Rachel Baker on May 13, 2014

For those of us who grew up with Judy Blume books and have been trying to share them with the young girls in our lives, this is welcomed news!

The one time I offered up my copy of Are you there God, its me Margaret, I was turned down because “wow, that looks really old”…and frankly it was a really old edition. I suspect if I tried again with the new artwork on the jackets, it would be accepted as one of my childhood favorites, and embraced with open arms.

I think this is truly great news and I’m so happy for the pantheon of Judy Blume books.

Judy Blume is a mainstay in young adult lit. She was one of the first authors to tackle huge and heavy issues in teen lit, and she did so without shying away from the matter at hand. Teen girls especially have found themselves in her books, where she wrote frankly about masturbation, menstruation, friendship, bullying, fitting in, and sex.

While Blume hasn’t published new books for YA readers in recent years, her importance to the field can’t be questioned. She’s sold over 82 million copies of her books, and in 2012, her son produced her classic Tiger Eyes into a film. And this year, thanks new, fresh covers, her books will continue to reach a new generation of teen readers. Check these out.


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