Japanese Authors to Read Beyond Murakami

by Rachel Baker on September 30, 2014

This is a wonderful round up of Japanese authors we should be reading beyond Murakami. I would also add Yoko Ogawa, author of the Housekeeper and the Professor and The Diving Pool. The Housekeeper and the Professor is the English title of The Professor’s Beloved Equation. This book was one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. The Diving Pool, however, is a collection of three novellas that focus on three different women’s stories. I remember upon completion feeling like it was one of the strangest collections I’ve ever read. Yoko Ogawa tends to be a bit more experimental than one might be used to, and these two books, The Housekeeper and the Professor and The Diving Pool are good examples of the experimentation. Yoko Ogawa has won every Japanese major literary award and is truly worth reading.

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*Puts on Reading Hipster(TM) glasses* I got into Japanese lit in 2002-ish, when I took a Japanese culture class as part of those pesky “be a well-rounded person” educational requirements. We read a number of books as part of the course requirements, both modern fiction and nearly-ancient fiction, and I dug it a lot. I had another friend who loved fiction in translation, so we started delving into Japanese literature together soonafter, including Haruki Murakami.

Fast-forward, and Murakami is now a household name. I’m stoked that so many people are reading and enjoying his work, partially because it brings Japanese literature on the whole into the light (and, more importantly, into English translation). Here are some more English-translated authors from Japan to add to your TBR:

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