Is The Colour of Magic a good introduction to Terry Pratchett?

by Rachel Baker on May 5, 2015

This is an interesting article on the merits of reading The Colour of Magic as your first Terry Pratchett book vs one of his other more developed books.

Is The Colour of Magic a good introduction to Terry Pratchett?

There are also plenty of jokes that are even funnier within the context of the book. Late on, the use of the word “circumfence” to describe the barrier around the edge of the Discworld’s outer seas had me snorting. There’s also a very good Big Bang joke – but I won’t say more for fear of spoiling it.

The Colour of Magic is also effective as a satire of pre-1990s fantasy conventions. Terry Pratchett explained on the BBC that it was “written in protest” about a genre that he loved, but contained “too many dark lords, too much lack of thought”. In a speech back in 1986, he also said: “It was an attempt to do for the classical fantasy universe what Blazing Saddles did for westerns.”

It was a successful attempt. As the failed wizard Rincewind and the proto-tourist Twoflower hurtle around the physically impossible, magically sustained geography of the Discworld, Pratchett makes sharp and telling points about the absurd skimpiness of female characters’ outfits, the daftness of riding on the backs of dragons, the ridiculousness of the average quest.

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