Incredible female writers who served time

by Rachel Baker on March 21, 2014

I always find articles like this fascinating. I think an author’s life is incredibly important when considering their bodies of work. I’m not sure one can really understand a story if there’s no understanding of the point of view of the author when it comes to the life said author lived, which includes environment, time and political and spiritual beliefs.

Writing, as we know, can be a scandalous art. Depending on the country and the culture in which it takes place, it can also be criminal. Numerous lists abound of famous authors who have gone to prison, and most can probably name a few pretty quickly — Miguel de Cervantes, Jean-Paul Sartre, Antonio Gramsci, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Oscar Wilde, for instance, have all spent time behind bars.

However, though it’s easy to think of many male authors who spent time in prison, female authors seldom come to mind. While lesser known than their male counterparts, many women writers were imprisoned for speaking up for their beliefs. Read on for a list of six women writers who have spent time in prison — considering their stories, you’ll wonder why they aren’t discussed more often.

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