How to read good books for free without breaking the law (sort of)

by Rachel Baker on March 22, 2014

If you travel often, this is worth noting. All others, do with this what you will…

…the Canada chapter of free ebook site Project Gutenberg announced that it had released all seven of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia novels into the public domain. Users from anywhere in the world can download versions of the books to their ebook readers or tablet computers.

Go south of the border, and suddenly the Lewis books aren’t public domain anymore. In the US, you need to buy them.

This peculiarity stems from a somewhat complex and inconsistent way in which copyright durations are enforced all over the world.

But it also means that the enterprising book lover, equipped with a generous travel budget and a capacious tablet computer, can hop around the world taking advantage of these different durations to download books by some of their favorite authors. Completely for free.

Check out the remainder of the article here:

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