Holy Neil Patrick Harris!

by Rachel Baker on September 18, 2014

The marketing of Neil Patrick Harris’ new book is Genius! I’m sure not every author can do this type of marketing, but its definitely really cool. I’d be interested to know how successful it will be in the end.

Here’s why it works – at least for my age demographic:
Because of Doogie Howser, I wanted to be super smart and I had a fleeting idea I wanted to be a doctor; sadly, math got in my way…


I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books – those books are one of the reasons why I wanted to be a writer! They are also probably the reason I can’t finish a book – I keep thinking there is another choice to take at the end. :sigh:

Two of the things that sort of define a bit of my childhood come together and now, there’s a chance to win a trip to NYC and visit all Neil Patrick Harris’ favorite places? I’m in…a million times (if I could).

This is one of the first book promotions in my whole lifetime that I’ve been interested in actually following. If you follow Old Musty Books, you know I’m a big Stephen King fan. Of course, I’m excited when those books come out but I’m not giddy about the marketing, I’m just watching for release information.

If you haven’t visited the Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own Autobiography page, you simply must go NOW!!

And while you are there, make sure you enter the awesome sweepstakes to win a Neil Patrick Harris Adventure of your choice in NYC or LA.

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