Hiassen: Florida Gives Polluters Rights

by Rachel Baker on December 17, 2010

As I was doing my morning browse-through-the-news routine this morning, I ran across an editorial by Carl Hiaasen in the Miami Herald. Apparently, he’s a regular columnist. Who knew?

I’ve read a few of his books – Sick Puppy was my favorite. However, I’ve never so much as read his bio. Here’s the one from the Miami Herald.

Carl Hiaasen was born and reared in South Florida. He joined The Herald in 1976 and worked as a general assignment reporter, magazine writer and award-winning investigative reporter before starting his column in 1985. He is also the author of many novels, including Basket Case, Sick Puppy, Tourist Season and Strip Tease, which was made into a feature film starring Demi Moore and Burt Reynolds.

What caught my eye this particular was the title: Florida fights for rights of polluters. I live in Florida, and have been vaguely paying attention to some of the politics going on in the state surrounding clean-water standards.

Being that this site is book-centric and he’s an author, I thought I’d share with you Hiassen’s thoughts on the matter. What prompted this column is:

Outgoing Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson — backed by Attorney General Bill McCollum — has sued to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from imposing revised clean-water standards for Florida’s rivers, creeks and lakes.

Read the whole article here.

For all his columns, please visit his Miami Herald page.

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