Hemingway Novel Reissued with Original First Chapter

by Rachel Baker on July 5, 2014

Sun Also Rises was Hemingway’s debut novel and the new edition being published by Scribner will include the original first chapter.

Yet, as a new edition of this 1926 classic by Ernest Hemingway shows, up until the final galleys, Cohn’s college feats were not even included in the opening chapter. Originally, Hemingway began his tale of the Lost Generation by introducing its beautiful and heartsick embodiment, Brett Ashley: “This is a novel about a lady.”

This discarded first chapter, along with other deletions, earlier drafts and alternate titles, is included in a new edition of the novel that Scribner is releasing later this month. The glimpse into Hemingway’s creative process is not new. As the author’s grandson Seán Hemingway explained in an interview, “While the material has been discussed at great length by scholars, it hasn’t been brought together in this way before, and it hasn’t been accessible to the general public.” Mr. Hemingway, a curator of Greek and Roman art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, also wrote a new introduction for this edition.

Here’s the Article:
Edition Has Alternate Opening of ‘Sun Also Rises’

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