Hail to the Old Musty Bookstore: Carroll and Carroll Booksellers

by Rachel Baker on December 31, 2007

antique booksCarroll and Carroll Booksellers is located in Stroudsburg, PA on Main Street. I got to visit last week while I was in the area for the holidays.

The minute the door opened, my sinuses filled, my eyes itched, my lungs felt like they were going to have a difficult time breathing.

My eyes focused on the stacks of books all over the floor, the stacks of books as high as possible around the bookshelves two deep in books. I knew I was in my favorite type of store!

Damn the old musty dusty allergies – I had visions of Fred Astaire dancing with me through the aisles singing “I’m in Heaven.” Hilarious, right? but True! I love booksellers!

Carroll and Carroll has an amazing collection of eclectic new, used and rare books, and they will special order a book if you can’t find it there.

I had an epiphany, when I walked out with three books by authors I’ve never read and ideas of which books I want to order next. The best reason for going to an old musty bookstore is because you can try out authors for a really inexpensive price. If you don’t like his/her writing, you’ve spent less than $5.00.

AND… here’s the velveteen rabbit metaphor again….

There is something so incredible about a used book. A used book has had somebody devote time to it. There is always residual energy from the people who have previously read them. They become more real than new books. People who sell back books love reading. Even if they hated the story, they love the idea of “a book.” Even though the book has been discarded, its been set out in the world for someone else to capture and fall in love with, whether its the story or just the idea of being able to sit down, escape into a different world, and enjoy a few minutes of peaceful living.

I encourage everyone to go find their own out of the way bookseller. If you are ever near Stroudsburg, go visit Carroll and Carroll Booksellers. Hats off to George and Lisa Carroll the Proprietors for giving me the opportunity to enjoy their love of books!

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