Give Up Some Love for Romance Novels

by Rachel Baker on April 13, 2015

Below is a fascinating article about the Romance genre and how there’s a group of literary scholars who are beginning to analyze the genre in true academic form.

Here’s the Article: Why Can’t Romance Novels Get Any Love?

Frantz Lyons is one of a new breed of literary scholars who are throwing open the velvet curtains behind which romance fiction has long been cloaked (or these days, behind the leather pages of Kindle cases), turning their highbrow spotlight on one of the most popular and underrated lowbrow pastimes (a genre so beloved that it is often pegged for floating the publishing industry—more than half of the mass market paperbacks sold in the US are popular romance novels).

“In fact, if you look back at the 18th century reaction to popular fiction for women, it’s the same exact argument as we’re having 250 years later. At some point, you’ve got to say, this is so ridiculous,” says Frantz Lyons.

Over the past seven years, Frantz Lyons and these unabashed scholars of romance and its many subgenres—Regency, paranormal, gothic, time-travel, fantasy, science fiction— across the United States have been exhorting their colleagues, and funders, to help them give romance novels some much needed academic love.

In 2007, Frantz Lyons started the International Association for the Study of Popular Romance along with Professor Eric Selinger, a scholar of American poetry who teaches popular romance at DePaul University in Chicago. The IASPR has hosted conferences worldwide and in 2010 launched a peer-reviewed journal, The Journal of Popular Romance Studies.

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