Fewer American kids reading for pleasure – based on an incomplete study

by Rachel Baker on May 12, 2014

This was a vaguely interesting article about a study on reading, though there’s no real information about what studies were used to write the report, what year the studies were from, etc. Its important to note the last sentenced in the below quote – stories read online or on social media may not have been taken into account in the study.

So, basically, the study is crap and doesn’t show us anything about the reading habits of children. Way to go Common Sense Media! At least if you are going to talk about how shameful and deplorable our children’s reading habits are, make sure you know exactly what is being studied. Fact: You can’t be the expert on whether our kids are reading more or less if you don’t consider all the mediums and technology used for reading.

The report published by the Common Sense Media nonprofit is irresponsible.

The 13year old in my life just came to me the other day and was so excited about finding a reading app on her own. She was thrilled because even though she “hates reading” she thought the free books on this particular app were awesome and things I would approve of. PS: Thanks Wattpad for providing this great experience for me and my pseudo-daughter.

I’m sure I’m not the only one whose had the experience of the young surprising the old with reading books technology.

The report highlights some behaviors that have been tied to children being more frequent readers. Those behaviors include parents setting aside time to read with their children and parents reading themselves to model good behavior.

Of those who read or are read to, children tend to spend on average between 30 minutes and an hour daily with that activity, the report found. Older children and teenagers tend to read for pleasure for an equally long time each day.

Rideout cautioned that there may be differences in how people encounter text and the included studies may not take into account stories read online or on social media.


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