Experts Think They’ve Found the Tomb of the Father of the Modern Novel

by Rachel Baker on March 17, 2015

I don’t really know why we love finding dead bodies who might be people of importance, but the 400 year old tomb of Miguel de Cervantes may have just been found.

Cervantes wrote “Don Quixote, and died the same week as William Shakespeare. Apparently, the location of his tomb was lost due to convent being rebuilt. If this is his tomb, Madrid may be able to make a tourist attraction out of the tomb for those who love taking literary pilgrimages.

Here’s the Article: Cervantes’ tomb found, 400 years after his death

Remains found under a convent in Madrid include those of Miguel de Cervantes — the “Don Quixote” author considered by many to be the father of the modern novel, investigators said Tuesday

Nearly 400 years after his death, the quest to find Cervantes had led Spanish scientists deep into the sub-soil of a 17th century convent. Some of the bones dug up in recent months almost certainly belong to Cervantes, they said.

“Everything coincides to lead us to believe that Cervantes is there,” forensics expert Francisco Etxeberria told a news conference.

Investigators may never be able to guarantee with absolute certainty that it was his body, Exteberria added, even though DNA tests are to be carried out.

Cervantes — whose masterpiece about an errant, daydreaming knight and his faithful servant Sancho Panza has delighted readers around the world — had requested to be buried in the convent.

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