Classic Novels Worth Reading in Your Life

by Rachel Baker on October 30, 2014

I’m never really sure about re-publishing “books that will change your life” or “books you must read”. However, I did like this particular list because the title says “May” and not “Will”. I have read many of the books on this list, and if I was putting together a grouping of books for my pseudo-son as he embarks on the world, I’d probably add many of the ones here – not for him to read right away, but so he has them and one day may pick up the book that spoke to him at a particular moment in his life.

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A classic novel need not be one that was penned a hundred years ago: rather, some of the traits that define the classic genre are timelessness, universality, truthfulness. Will this work remain relevant as time goes by? Can the reader learn something heartfelt from the story? Does the narrative flow beautifully? Does it resonate with the reader?

If these questions can be answered with a hearty “yes!”, then the book can indeed be considered a classic.

Universality is usually the most appreciated aspect of a book, in the sense that people of all different ages, social status, etc. can all relate to it, somehow. Being able to glean some measure of wisdom or insight from a book is invaluable, and it’s likely that every dedicated bibliophile out there can give you a list of the books that have greatly influenced their lives. Below is a list of 30 such books—if you haven’t read them yet, you might enjoy delving into them.

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