Book Page Pumpkins

by Rachel Baker on September 12, 2014

This post is a bit different that most here at Old Musty Books. I found this craft project and because it was book related, I figured it was worthy.

As a book reviewer, I have a ton of galleys and uncorrected books. Because they are galleys and uncorrected proofs, I can’t donate them or send them to a used book store. Thusly, I have always been at a loss about what to do with them, because I don’t want to throw them out. I’m always looking out for ways I can upcycle them into something worthy of the time and money spent to send them to me for free.

This is a fantastic project because it would be a great eclectic decoration piece for the fall.

Book Page Pumpkin Tutorial.

I love decorating with book pages. I love decorating with pumpkins. It was only natural that I combined the two together to make Book Page Pumpkins. This is such a simple craft project, but the results are stunning. Everyone who sees my book page pumpkin comments on it!

I saw a few book page apples on pinterest, and thought that a pumpkin would be totally cute as well. Hope you like it as much as I do!

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