And the Winner Is: The Moms are the Best Giveaway

by Rachel Baker on May 30, 2010

I loved reading the responses to the Moms are the Best Giveaway.    As usual, it was really difficult to pick one winner.  Before I announce the winner, I have to tell you all that while your moms sound like wonderful moms, my mom is actually THE BEST! (You knew I would do this right ).

Like most of you, some of my favorite mom moments were bedtime reading, and sometimes she’d sing us to sleep from either my room or one of my siblings rooms. There were three of us, and our rooms were down the hall clustered together in a triangle (if you looked at the floor plan).  She’d read a story to my little brother, while my sister and I laid in our beds or hung out in the others room and listened quietly. After she tucked in my brother, she’d come get my sister if she was in my room and take her to bed, where she would either read another book or sing a song. The whole time, I’d lie in my room ( “Go lay in bed and rest, Rachel – I’ll be in to say good night soon” ), listening to my mother make her rounds.  My mom had the voice of an angel as far as I was concerned. I missed this time when we got too old for bedtime reading, but the singing didn’t stop for several years after.  See, my parents had a band, and they practiced at night after we were in bed.  I’m not sure my mom ever knew that my siblings and I would gather in my room and listen from the window as the sound carried across the carport from the music room on the other side of the house.  Through the sound of the piano, the saxophone, the drums and the backup singing, I would listen to my mother’s angelic voice, and as we got tired, my siblings would drift off to their rooms across the hall, and we’d fall into restful sleep induced by mom’s voice.  My mom doesn’t sing to us anymore (it’d be hard unless she called us and started singing when we answered), but there are times during the holidays when she thinks no one is listening that I hear her humming along to the radio while she’s putting the holiday meal together. I’m taken back to that time.  And you know what…?  She still has an angelic voice to me.

*sigh* My mom is the Best!

Okay, and the winner of the Moms are the Best Giveaway is…. *drum roll please*

Michelle who said:
Love the idea of this contest.  I’m going to share the best words of wisdom my mother ever gave me.  “You are probably right.”   When I was young – probably 16.  My mother had been to her hair dresser to get her hair cut.  Her stylist was telling her about how complicated her relationship with her mother was and that she’d been seeing a therapist to improve it.  During her therapy she’d been told…when your mother is upsetting you or wants you to do something you don’t want to.  Look right at her and tell her “You are probably right.”  This way her mother feels vindicated that she’s been heard, but that the stylist could go about her business do as she wished and not feel guilty.  Smart advice, right?  What was not so smart – hehehe was for my mother to tell me that story!! 🙂   I never have forgotten it.  Several years ago I started to using her advice.  I.e. “Why can’t keep you hair the same color – does it need to be three colors?”  “You know mom…You are probably right.”    It has saved my sanity more times than I can count and it has evened our relationship.  She’s finally caught on to my trick after 10 years – so now it is a  joke between us.  Best advice ever – from my mom…who I think is the best. 🙂

I enjoyed Michelle’s post.  Its great advice for avoiding conflict, and its wonderful that she and her mom are able to share this joke as the years go on.

Congratulations Michelle – keep an eye out for an email from me requesting contact information.

Happy Sunday to all of you and thank you for participating!

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