And the Saga continues: Amazon-Hachette and the Authors

by Rachel Baker on September 16, 2014

There’s a new Authors United letter that should be going out this week directed to the board members of Amazon. Basically, it appears that they are threatening the reputation of Amazon and the board members by asking them if they want to be associated with ‘efforts to impede or block the sale of books’ when such efforts have a ‘long and ugly history’.

Now, a big deal is being made about how the highest paid authors are on the list against Amazon and mostly self-published authors are supporting Amazon. I’m not sure that’s completely how it breaks down, but I’m also not willing to go through every single name and check to see what the percentages are of the traditionally vs untraditionally published authors. An enterprising person who has nothing better to do can go through this list and figure out who the highest paid are and what list they belong to.

Here’s what I don’t get – this conflict was bound to happen at some point. Every one knew that E-Books would change the industry and for some reason, no one thought it would play out this way. I’m not sure why people didn’t expect there to be some serious issues with the big publishing houses and Amazon when it came to pricing.

I just don’t get it.

But then, I’m not an author – and if I was I’d probably self-publish and be at the whim of whatever price amazon wanted to pay me in royalties because my book wasn’t good enough to be picked up by a major publisher. Thusly, I’d be backed into a corner by Amazon if I wanted to say I’m a published author. So I’ll be thankful for the chance they gave me; and I will support anything and everything they do. And then again, I’m also not an author published by a big publishing house whose team of people helped to make me and my portfolio what it is now.

It’d be great if there was some opinion on the matter that was unbiased, but there really isn’t.

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