Amazon’s Biblical Screwing of Hachette

by Rachel Baker on June 6, 2014

This speaks for itself. Enjoy!

…and make no mistake, if you can’t see what Amazon is doing as a screwing of the publishing industry than you aren’t really paying all that much attention. Its isn’t just a problem for Hachette and the author’s Hachette represents, its a problem for all publishers and all authors.

There has been a lot of buzz spilled over the purported “David vs. Goliath” battle between publisher Hachette and sales amazon Amazon, as well as how Amazon’s sales tactics affect not only the book publishing industry but readers as well. So this week we explain it in the appropriate biblical terms by presenting:

The Book of Bezos of Amazon

I. Genesis
In the beginning, there were Books. And those who thirsted for knowledge, or even a light summer read, thought that they were Good.

And there was much turning of pages in the land, and folding down of little corners to keep their places; the people did enjoy their Books, even unto the underlining of racy passages in pencil when no one was looking.

And the two tribes known as the Authors and the Publishers prospered, and there was happiness in the land.

Here’s the full article:
How It Was That Bezos of Amazon Sent His Plagues Upon the Publishers of Books

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