Amazon Plays Dirty with Hachette Authors

by Rachel Baker on July 9, 2014

Amazon thinks Authors are stupid (and really, I guess based on the George R. R. Martin interview here, some are) and won’t see through their crappy negotiating techniques. Amazon has just offered (UNTIL THE CONTRACT HAS BEEN SIGNED) Hachette authors 100% royalties and placement back in the normal shipment timeframe. Amazon is using this tactic of 100% royalties in hopes of garning support from the authors.

The below article is interesting because it has responses from some authors and what they think Amazon is doing. There are several good links in this article to follow and read up on what’s going on and how people feel about the dispute.

In a letter to some Hachette authors and agents this weekend, Amazon floated the idea that until its contract negotiation with Hachette was completed the two would agree to give 100% of the proceeds of all Hachette ebook sales to authors. The company hadn’t yet proposed the idea to Hachette as of this weekend. It claimed it was just testing it out with agents and authors and to get feedback, according to media reports. (The proposal has been officially made, reportedly.)

Amazon claims in the media reports that the loss of revenue for both Amazon and Hachette will force the companies to the negotiating table. In the letter, Amazon claimed that Hachette was dragging its feet in negotiating. The company also said that the agreement would take authors out of the middle of the dispute, one that has resulted in losses of revenue for both companies as well as authors and their agents. In addition, Amazon said that it would resume normal selling practices for Hachette titles — keeping print copies in stock and allowing pre-orders for upcoming titles.

Amazon Goes After Hachette Authors, Floats Sweet Ebook Royalty Deal

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