Dear Readers,

I hate that you can only find reviews on the 25 books Amazon and The NY Times tell you to buy during the holidays. So I made a place where a book could be at the top of the list or the featured story, because it’s a great book. Whether it’s old and musty or not. I like to think of this site as that old book store where they have comfortable chairs, and encourage you to pick something off a shelf and sit for awhile. I put this site together to share with whomever my thoughts on some of the books I’m reading.

If you have something to add or disagree with something I’ve written, feel free to register and leave a comment. All I ask is that you leave a mature comment. Don’t be belligerent just because you disagree with me…Please, try to remember, I’m inviting you into my house. One of my favorite quotes that I believe is relevant here is: We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are. ~Anais Nin I believe this is extremely important to remember for avid readers. Every great book, and sometimes even just a good book, has a different story every time you read it.

Happy Reading!

Rachel Baker

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